Texas and Kentucky – The List Grows Longer

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“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.” The fact that those words now ring as a tired cliché highlights how horribly commonplace mass shootings have become in this country. In Kentucky, two young teenagers are dead and fourteen more injured because a disturbed student came to school with a firearm.

Orlando, Cause, and Effect

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The most disturbing part of the Orlando mass shooting isn’t that it occurred, but that it continues to occur with increasing frequency, coupled with the reaction by the public and the politicians in the media. In general, the majority of people feel for the victims and their families. However, there are those who will use

JCI’S Due Diligence Investigations in New York

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Protecting your organization is your top priority. Before engaging in a partnership, investment, negotiation, or contract with a company or individual, you need to know who you are dealing with. Employing John Cutter Investigations’ (JCI) due diligence investigation services in New York can help you uncover potential risks of doing business with an individual or

Our Executive Protection Services in Connecticut

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When outside threats have created a potentially dangerous situation, you need the executive protection services that John Cutter Investigations (JCI) in Connecticut. The experienced staff at JCI are more than your average bodyguards. In fact, our methods go far beyond security escort services. At JCI, we create all-inclusive safety and tactical defense plans to insure

Service Area for Our Hudson Valley Private Investigators

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John Cutter Investigations, Inc. (JCI) may be based in the immediate tristate area, but our reach extends straight through the Hudson Valley and into the Capital District. Whether you’re located near NYC, Albany, Poughkeepsie, or Middletown, our comprehensive investigation and protection services are available to you. With private investigators residing locally in the Monroe, Chester,

A Manhattan-Based Private Investigations Firm with a Worldwide Reach

When it comes to industry leaders in the field of private investigations, John Cutter Investigations (JCI) is among the best. Our organization offers you a full line of superior protection and investigation services utilizing our expertise; highly-trained, decorated, and experienced staff; and a global network to get the job done right. Whether you are looking

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