JCI’s Undercover Investigations Anywhere in NY, NJ, CT & FL

Undercover Investigations NYC, NY, NJ and CT

John Cutter Investigations’ experienced investigators have conducted numerous undercover operations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and beyond. Undercover investigations can be undertaken to reveal theft, drug sales, drug use, or other criminal practices in the workplace. Undercover investigations can be a valuable source of information about the true internal operations of any business enterprise. Whether it is a corporate office environment, a factory or warehouse, a restaurant/bar, or a retail establishment, JCI’s undercover operatives can provide business owners and management with an inside look at what is actually occurring in their workplace. JCI knows exactly how to conduct these sensitive operations to help you see the whole picture.

As former law enforcement officers, JCI’s investigators understand that undercover investigations must be managed carefully. Frequent debriefings of the undercover agent are imperative and daily contact is crucial.

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