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“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

jci new jersey title ix private investigatorsNow more than ever, it is essential for New Jersey educational institutions to have procedures and policies in place to address allegations of Title IX violations.

Allegations of Title IX violations need to be attended to right away, no exceptions. However, without solid procedures in place, an educational institution will have trouble handling such allegations quickly and effectively.

Keep your student body safe from Title IX issues by having a qualified, professional Title IX New Jersey private investigator help you take on the issue at hand and prevent any further issues from arising in the future.

New Jersey Title IX Private Investigators

When it comes to Title IX violations it can be quite overwhelming, but John Cutter has the experience and knowledge to help you resolve any Title IX issues. John Cutter Investigations offers quality investigative services that can help you address and resolve any Title IX violations, or alleged violations, on your campus.

JCI’s Quality & Professional Services

As mentioned before, having grounded procedures in place when Title IX violations come about is very important. This is the first step when approaching such issues, so without a plan, you might encounter confusion and frustration. John Cutter Investigations can help you create this plan that works specifically for your campus and addresses Title IX issues. Other Title IX related services we can help with include:

  • Adjudication for cases.
  • A complete, thorough review of your website policies.
  • Complete campus compliance assessments.
  • School policy reviewing and redrafting.
  • Investigations into Title IX violations.
  • Final report with our findings of said investigation.


JCI – Premier New Jersey Private Investigators

Before a Title IX violation allegation ever arises, call JCI and let our New Jersey investigation professionals help you get prepared. Your campus needs to be safe and let’s face it, taking the time to pull your staff together to draft a set of procedures can be overwhelming and costly. John Cutter Investigations is here and able to help with your Title IX needs. When you choose JCI, you choose:

  • A professional team of experts with the experience required for creating and keeping strong policies in place.
  • Specialized Title IX New Jersey Professionals.
  • A team of specialists who hold a wide range of background experience from both the private and public sectors.

Call JCI to learn more about how our Title IX Investigation services in New Jersey can help you be prepared for Title IX allegations, or to address any existing allegations.

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