John Cutter’s Book, The Squad Room: A Novel, Is Available for Pre-order on Amazon

Amazon’s Description of The Squad Room: A Novel

the squad room novel“There have been countless crime dramas written about murder mysteries, but none that delve into the life behind the shield of New York’s finest.

It’s New York City, modern day, and things aren’t quite the way they used to be. The Squad Room follows Captain William “Bill” Morrison, a man haunted by his own demons. His son is dead, gunned down in the line of duty, leaving Bill a haunted shell. Morose, a borderline alcoholic, he finds a second family among the members of his task force, the only men and women as committed to the brotherhood as he is. And with his marriage in shambles, solace comes in the arms of a dream girl, the tortured, but empathetic and caring Claudia.

You may believe you know what evil looks like, but The Squad Room shows you that the face of unspeakable horror can come in many forms. A serial killer is terrorizing New York City, targeting young, helpless women. Morrison and his team are racing against time to identify and bring justice to the murderer. Meanwhile, the task force runs up against villains inside the system: a Chief and a Detective who got where they are by political maneuvering, rather than skill and merit.

Here, the men and women of the badge form tight bonds that can never be understood by outsiders. Every day, the police sacrifice so much of themselves to protect an unknowing public. This is their story, born from the true life experience of the authors. Written by two actual police chiefs, The Squad Room gives you a genuine insider’s view of a detective squad room in the NYPD and shows you what it is like to handle real life and death situations every day. It brings a human face to the multitude of public servants, the nameless legion we only read about in the tabloids when something horrific happens. You will never look at the police the same way again.”

The release date for The Squad Room: A Novel is April 18, 2016.

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