Services Overview

Below is a brief overview of each of the investigative services offered by John Cutter Investigations. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, call us – we have worked on many unusual cases with great success. We’d love to talk to you about your situation and learn more about how we can help. Contact us at (877) 528 8837 to speak to one of our investigators about your case.

  • Due Diligence

    JCI specializes in comprehensive and personalized Due Diligence Investigations and Public Records checks. JCI can offer timely and sophisticated insight to companies and individuals by gathering and analyzing business-critical intelligence for your merger, acquisition, legal proceeding, or other large transaction.

  • Executive Protection

    Today’s executives and high-profile individuals are faced with new and ever-changing risks. For many individuals, this means a higher level of security planning, coordination and management. Here at JCI we understand those risks and our security professionals have extensive experience protecting clients both domestically and abroad.

  • Security Assessments

    John Cutter Investigations Inc. (JCI) believes all security assessments are not created equally. Our investigative professionals use an All-Hazards Approach to create a comprehensive assessment detailing the safety or vulnerability of your facility.

  • Asset Searches

    John Cutter Investigations provides our corporate and individual clients with asset searches for a variety of purposes. Asset investigations often start with conducting searches on industry specific or proprietary databases. However, we understand that not everything is recorded through the proper channels, and we won’t rest until we’re certain that we’ve uncovered every asset connected to our subject.

  • Undercover Investigations

    John Cutter Investigations’ experienced investigators have conducted numerous undercover operations. Often undercover investigations are undertaken to reveal theft, or drug sales/drug use in the workplace. Our investigators are former law enforcement officers who understand the importance of properly logging evidence uncovered and will make sure that you have everything you need to proceed with your next course of action.

  • School Safety Assessments

    A school safety assessment is a comprehensive process used to evaluate safety in a school and is designed to help school and public safety officials identify any existing or potential risks, present positive safety strategies and identify other aspects through using an All-Hazards Approach. We always work to balance an open learning environment with the need for safety protocols.

  • Private Investigators

    John Cutter Investigations will deploy our investigators into the field to conduct all types of investigative services, including surveillance, missing persons or child custody/abduction or recovery cases, witness locates/interviews, accident scene responses, on-site support for computer forensics, litigation support and more.

  • Matrimonial Investigations

    As private investigators, we will work with your legal counsel and uncover evidence or information that will support your case. Our investigators can provide knowledge about a spouse’s real activities and document these activities which will often provide enormous leverage in legal proceedings.

  • Security Consulting

    What separates JCI from the rest of the pack? All security consultants provide security solutions for a range of disciplines and environments. JCI has the ability to think outside the box to develop solutions that work for each individual client.

  • Computer Investigations

    The overwhelming majority of the world’s business documents are being drafted on computers and with today’s reliance on e-mail, instant messaging and internet business, various types of evidence can be identified and obtained from computers. JCI has a specialized computer forensics team that can uncover any hidden evidence in electronic devices.

  • Insurance Investigations

    We know what you need to eliminate fraudulent claims and that is what we deliver. JCI will create an individualized investigative plan for each assignment. Each investigative plan is designed to provide results. Our investigators do not speculate or embellish, they document facts and report them back to our clients.

  • IP and Brand Protection

    Intellectual Property Investigations are essential to provide protection for your copyrighted, registered, or trademarked property. Corporations routinely spend a large amount of time and money developing, designing and marketing products and deserve their brand and identity protected.

  • Litigation Support

    In all types of litigation, John Cutter Investigations can help attorneys and their clients develop evidence that will give them the advantage in their trial preparation and strategies. JCI can provide comprehensive investigative reports on individuals and corporations discreetly and quickly.

  • General Investigations

    General investigations we conduct include, but are not limited to: Corporate Investigations, Pre-Litigation Investigations, Matrimonial and Custody Investigations, and Computer Forensic Investigations. Do you have an unusual case that requires our investigative services? Call us – we’re here to help.

  • Background Investigations

    John Cutter Investigations insists on high standards for the background investigations we conduct for our clients; for us nothing is routine. We provide our clients with comprehensive reports that include a summary of significant findings from records checks, interviews, and more.

  • Pre-Employment Screening

    Background checks are a necessary fact of life for businesses today. Protect yourself and your business from unscrupulous individuals by hiring JCI to conduct a through background check on any potential employees before they have a chance to do damage to your organization.

  • Missing Persons

    Our licensed investigators can locate most individuals in a reasonable amount of time. We hire only the most experienced and professional investigators available and we promise confidentiality, safety, and professionalism at all times.