Security Consulting for Clients in NY, NJ, CT and Nationwide

Security Consulting in NY, NJ and CT

What separates JCI from the rest of the pack? All security consulting provide security solutions for a range of disciplines and environments. JCI has the ability to think outside the box to develop solutions that work for each individual client. Our professional security consultants throughout NY, NJ and CT are skilled, ethical, and focused on your best interests; our people help you navigate the evolving security landscape.

Every one of our consulting arrangements is a stand alone project, giving us the ability to custom-tailor programs and security solutions that will work for your organization, residence or individual needs. We do not work off a standard format for reporting or providing solutions. We develop an understanding for your business and provide unique solutions for each client. Here at JCI we are purposely not affiliated with equipment manufactures, so as an independent consultant we can offer you a variety of products and solutions from a vast array of manufacturers.

JCI can work with any organization or individuals from small companies to the Fortune 500’s to design a security program that protects your assets, employees and visitors.

JCI has over 100 years of experience in the world of security including law enforcement, private security as well as the counter-terrorism arena. Our founder John Cutter retired as a Deputy Chief from the NYPD, where he ran the counter-terrorism operations conducted by the Intelligence Division post-9/11.

JCI understands there are threats ranging from global terrorism to workplace violence that have forced companies and institutions to take a closer look at their security programs. JCI’s proven security professionals throughout NY, NJ and CT can bring innovation to your organization from multiple disciplines within the security world. We can help our clients in the development and establishment of effective and cost-efficient security measures. In assessing our clients’ needs, we deliver thorough analysis and provide prudent security decisions based on the current conditions as well as future trends around the world. We determine our clients’ appropriate threat level and deliver solutions that give them the appropriate level of protection they need. Further, we can develop a full scope of security policies and procedures to enable our clients to be prepared for such matters as emergency management, business continuity and other security issues.


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