JCI’s Team of Security Consultants Serve New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

security consultants ny ct njAt John Cutter Investigations Inc., we believe that not all security consultants are trained to deliver comprehensive plans that can adequately safeguard the needs of individuals and property in this modern age. Likewise, our security consultants who serve New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are thoroughly trained on the most up-to-date industry standards which are used by top-level security experts who serve the public and private sectors. Feel free to browse through some of said standards in the links below:

We make sure that our security consultants, when conducting a threat assessment, see vulnerability as a mix between the desirability of a location and its individuals as a target, and the strength of the deterrents which are the direct result of the countermeasures that have been set in place. Whether a location and the individuals located within are a target or not to an aggressor is directly proportional to the function and/or the symbolic significance of the location. Also it comes down to if the countermeasures put into place are a strong enough deterrent to keep away potential aggressors, which can be determined by a security consultant’s answers to these questions below:

#1 – Is the placement of the countermeasure providing a high level of deterrence or defense?
#2 – Is the countermeasure functioning properly?
#3 – Are proper procedures being used in the implementation of the countermeasure?
#4 – Does the countermeasure have inherent weaknesses that allow it to be easily defeated?

Yet most security consulting companies in NY, NJ and CT are familiar with the basic components of a security assessment – most have answers to the above questions. So then what gives the security consultants at John Cutter Investigations Inc. a unique edge over other leaders in the security consulting industry? It comes down to our belief in an “All Hazards Assessments.”

Whether you need a security assessment conducted for a factory, a residential building, a corporate building, a school, or even for a single individual, our security consultants are able to assemble a comprehensive security strategy that can isolate even the most minute of potential flaws within your profile and create a countermeasure. Our team of security professionals have decades of experience serving NY, NJ and CT, and their ability to think outside the box will make any vulnerabilities invisible to possible aggressors. Meanwhile, the deterrents will be completely transparent to potential aggressors, preventing them from harming anything or anyone.


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