Security Assessments in NYC, NY, NJ, CT & Beyond

John Cutter Investigations Inc. (JCI) believes all security assessments are not created equally. Although many in the industry have taken the easy cookie cutter approach when conducting assessments every institution and every individual has different needs. Please read the following to understand why the JCI philosophy will deliver enhanced safety to every property or individual we work with. There are certain industry standards that are used by most professional security experts when conducting assessments, those being:

In a typical threat/security assessment vulnerability is defined as a combination of the attractiveness of a facility as a target and the level of deterrence and/or defense provided by the countermeasures. Target attractiveness is a measure of the asset or facility in the eyes of an aggressor and is influenced by the function and/or symbolic importance of the facility. The level of deterrence and/or defense provided by the countermeasures can be determined by answering the following questions:

#1 – Is the placement of the countermeasure providing a high level of deterrence or defense?
#2 – Is the countermeasure functioning properly?
#3 – Are proper procedures being used in the implementation of the countermeasure?
#4 – Does the countermeasure have inherent weaknesses that allow it to be easily defeated?

The above are all basic components of the assessment process. What makes the JCI approach different? Here at JCI we perform an “All Hazards Assessment”. Depending on what type of assessment we are conducting a school, corporate building, factory, residential community or individual we carefully craft unique prevention and mitigation techniques for any flaws found within the profile. We do not myopically evaluate your facility as a stand alone, we consider the occupants, the services rendered, the community, and all surrounding potential hazards. We work with our clients to develop thoughtful, effective solutions that blend with your current environment. We do not believe security begins and ends with cameras, fences and alarms. We think outside the box to develop procedures and protocols to work with existing security measures. Our goal is to make your security transparent to your occupants but apparent to anyone with ill intent. John Cutter Investigations is here to keep you safe. We conduct security assessments in NYC, NY, NJ, CT and nationwide.


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