Ronald J. Lowe, a Licensed and Bonded NYS Private Investigator, Has Joined JCI’s Ranks in New York

Mr. Lowe has had an illustrious and distinguished career with the NYPD where he served for 20 before retiring in 2007. CEO of John Cutter Investigations (JCI), Mr. John Cutter, said in his statement, “We are really excited to have Ronald on board with us. His extensive experience with complex investigations, criminal research and case management makes him a valuable asset for us.”

Ronald LoweMr. Lowe worked with a prominent New York based investigative and security firm for six years before coming to JCI where he will be working in the capacity of Vice President of Investigations. He will be responsible for supervising and managing a diverse range of assignments including investigative due diligence, corporate risk mitigation and insurance fraud. His expertise will also be useful for JCI in civil, criminal, matrimonial, and trademark counterfeiting matters.

John Cutter Investigations has always put an emphasis on providing quality services to its clients at competitive costs from the best professionals in the Law enforcement industry. The appointment of Mr. Ronald Lowe is another part of this continuum. His accomplishments with NYPD have given Mr. Lowe an expertise and command over international as well as national investigative issues. This is why he will also be JCI’s designated liaison with their worldwide strategic partners.

Mr. Lowe is also a decorated Detective who received NYPD’s Medal of Valor for “acts of outstanding personal bravery” for his actions on September 11th, 2001. During his tenure with NYPD, Ronald has worked with state, national, and international law enforcement and intelligence agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Security Agency, and Defense Intelligence Agency. During this time he has held Secret, Top Secret and TS/SCI clearance levels from the United States Justice Department.

Mr. John Cutter also said that, “At JCI, we really like to work for the little guy i.e. the schools, small businesses, offices. We want to make their lives safer and it is because of people like Ronald that New York is a safer place for absolutely everyone. We want to work with him to provide security infrastructures and investigative services for our clients that will protect them and help them lead better lives.”

Mr. Lowe has attended more than one thousand hours of training. He has the necessary background and training that encompasses all areas of criminal investigation, interviewing of suspects and witnesses, physical and electronic surveillance methods, intelligence gathering and extensive report writing. A determined and lively individual, Mr. Lowe has time and again, shown his capacity for making timely and reliable decisions.

About Our Team at John Cutter Investigations

John Cutter Investigations is capable of servicing a client’s needs anywhere; our primary service areas are NY, NJ and CT. Through strategic partnerships developed over years of quality service we are able to provide national and international services to cover all of our client’s needs. JCI staff includes former law enforcement officers, forensic accountants, field investigators and a network of corporate attorneys. Their other services include corporate and special investigations, litigation support, and insurance services. JCI also assists law firms and their clients in a number of ways including asset exploration, lifestyle profiles, matrimonial disputes, process services, interviews and witness positioning.

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