Private Investigators In NY, NJ, CT & FL

In principle, investigations are simple: an investigation is essentially a process that finds an answer to a question. However, in practice, investigations are obviously much more complex. JCI’s private investigators in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida are experienced former law enforcement officers trained to identify the facts and find answers to your questions. In addition to uncovering the truth, we specialize in delivering extensive reports containing only well-documented, verifiable facts. Our specialized investigative teams help our clients with a wide range of cases, from fraud claims and asset searches to missing persons and family disputes. No matter what your needs, our private investigators will give you the confirmation you need to rest easy.

Hiring Private Investigators: How It Works

A private investigator is a person or agency who can be hired by individuals, corporations or groups to undertake investigatory services. Qualified investigators are licensed, bonded, and insured in the states where they practice. John Cutter Investigations has offices in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida, as well as a wide network of strategic partners to conduct investigations nationwide. Our private investigators come with vast experience in both the private and public investigations sectors, and all have different areas of expertise. As a result, we are able to help our clients with a variety of investigative needs. 

Private investigators are often hired by individuals or their attorneys for civil cases. These cases can include evidence of adultery or other conduct to establish grounds for a divorce, as well as documentation of negative behaviors that can be used as evidence in custody disputes. Collecting evidence of adultery or other questionable behavior by spouses is one of the primary activities for investigators, which can often influence the courts’ decisions regarding child custody, alimony, or marital property. At JCI, we understand the emotional nature of these cases, and we always conduct investigations with professionalism, integrity, and most of all, sensitivity.

In addition to legal proceedings, private investigators can also be used to perform due diligence research for a variety of transactions. Due diligence investigations can benefit an investor who may be considering investing money with an investment group or other high-risk business or investment venture, as well as businesses considering mergers and acquisitions. Our clients use our expertise to identify suspicious red flags and prevent getting tangled up in fraudulent ventures. Due to news reports of investment schemes and fraudulent investment vehicles reported by the SEC and other law-enforcement agencies, due diligence investigations are becoming much more common among investors and business owners.

There are many circumstances that can benefit from the help of a private investigator. If you’re unsure about whether you need to hire an investigator, call us. All consultations at JCI are free and confidential.



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