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jci private investigators in manhattan nycApparently you have begun your search for a private investigator in Manhattan. Instead of claiming you should choose us by the experience of our team, we feel it is  better to discuss JCI’s point-of-view when it comes to investigations. Our point-of-view on investigations is that no investigation is the same. There is no cookie-cutter approach we take when it comes to conducting an investigation for a client, be they an insurance company, a law firm, a business or a private individual.

How are investigations not the same?

As our world becomes increasingly more complex, the investigative arena has had no other choice than to keep up. To keep up, investigations have become multidisciplinary in nature and our team’s skillsets can handle this demand, one case at a time.

For example’s sake, consider this situation:

A client wants to begin divorce proceedings due to marital infidelity. Surely a cheating spouse investigation can aid in proving or disproving these suspicions, but suppose marital infidelity is proven. What next? Well let’s say divorce proceedings have begun now and it is known that the spouse in question has been operating a business, and the assets of this business are unknown.

In this case JCI would perform an asset search to unearth all unknown financial information so that divorce proceedings are conducted without the exclusion of any critical details.

To put the above example into perspective, any one of JCI’s private detectives in Manhattan has a team of professionals at their disposal to consult who are expert in their own areas, ensuring your case sees a successful conclusion no matter what the demands may be.

JCI’s Roof Can House Any Investigation

Consider the health industry and how it is broken down into categories. Imagine the look of confusion on your family doctor’s face if you told them you need a new dental filling. Assuming you have spoken to other private investigators in Manhattan, have they given you that same look of confusion when you discussed each and every one of your investigative needs? To the contrary, JCI welcomes all investigative demands that our clients pose.

Here is a list of services our private investigators in Manhattan offer:

The above services are only the beginning of what JCI offers its clients. It just comes down to if you have an issue, do you want to be referred to this specialist, that specialist…? Or do you want to have all of your investigative needs handled under one roof – JCI’s roof?

We would love to be your private investigator in Manhattan, yet the choice is yours, and rightfully so. To see if JCI is the right fit for you, fill out our Free Consultation form below, or call our New York number.

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