Madelyn Langella’s Experience

Madelyn Langella’s ExperienceMadelyn Langella was a detective with the New York City Police Department, which, she left after a distinguished twenty year career. During her career she gained extensive experience with complex investigations, research, and case management. She worked in Community Policing, the Special Victims, and Homicide Squad where she honed her skills as an interviewer, and investigator. She has brought her skills as an Investigator to John Cutter Investigations where is one of our premier investigators on Title IX investigations.

Madelyn is a seasoned Investigator who is thoroughly familiar with a wide range of investigations including, general criminal investigations, homicide, and more specifically sensitive investigations involving allegations of sexual offenses. She is also adept at conducting surveillance, undercover investigations, and fraud detection. She has attended numerous training sessions involving a variety of investigative, and interview techniques, and has extensive hands-on experience in real life situations. She has managed complex investigations over the past twenty-five years and is a results oriented individual.

She is a certified Title IX Coordinator and Administrator for John Cutter Investigations, Inc.