Matrimonial & Family Law Investigations in NY, NJ, CT & FL

JCI’s Matrimonial Investigations Services have helped families in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida resolve their disputes and return to a sense of normalcy. As former law enforcement officers, our investigators have extensive experience with the sensitive nature of marital and family disputes. We will work closely with your legal counsel to uncover the evidence needed to support your case. In addition to uncovering critical information such as a spouse’s real activities, hidden assets, and criminal acts, we provide comprehensive documentation of our findings, giving you the leverage you need to achieve your desired outcome.

In the case of a marital court proceeding, JCI can obtain evidence of misconduct through records checks, interviews, physical surveillance, GPS tracking, and other methods. Our findings can be used by your legal counsel in divorce or child custody disputes that require evidence of infidelity, child endangerment or neglect, and financial misconduct. Employing a licensed private investigator as part of your team ensures that any evidence uncovered will stand up in court and bring you closer to your ideal result.

In some cases, individuals have engaged our matrimonial investigations services before initiating court proceedings against their spouse. If you believe that your spouse has hidden assets or is participating in criminal activities, it’s sometimes beneficial to start investigating your household and finances before initiating divorce proceedings, in order to begin the process with more leverage. If you are considering a divorce or a child custody action, call us for a free consultation. 

Read FAQ’s regarding our Cheating Spouse Investigations.

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