JCI’s Matrimonial (Family Law) Investigations in NYC, NY, NJ and CT

As private investigators, we will work with your legal counsel and uncover evidence or information that will support your case. OurMatrimonial investigations can provide knowledge about a spouse’s real activities and document these activities which will often provide enormous leverage and advantage in the litigation process.

Evidence of misconduct can be obtained by our investigators during the surveillance operations conducted in regards to a divorce or child custody case. The physical surveillance can be augmented by modern technology such as GPS tracking and can be used to establish evidence of activities such as: infidelity, child endangerment or neglect, and financial misconduct.

When you believe that your spouse has hidden assets, it’s best to start investigating your household and business finances before tipping your hand and initiating divorce proceedings. Consider having JCI’s investigators conduct an examination of computers in the home that may contain valuable information or evidence that you may be unaware of.

Read FAQ’s regarding our Cheating Spouse Investigations.

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