John Cutter Investigations Is Proud to Announce Strategic Partnership with Global Brand & Product Security Services Group

global brand and product security services group

Mission Statement

Our organization offers a unique perspective on combating BRAND PROTECTION, in addition to the emerging and constant need for an ONLINE INVESTIGATIVE STRATEGY, we offer “BOOTS ON THE GROUND.”

Many of our competitors have lost the ability to investigate, document and confront these issues face to face. Our competition seems to think that the answer to the problem is purely an online review and action, this does address such issues as Alibaba and Taobao websites which do sell a lot of counterfeit products out of Asia. However, we offer our Client “boots on the ground” and our unique ability to share information directly from one office to another, especially where one of the partner firms is based in Asia and can quickly possibly investigate, identify and track down the original shipment or production site. We understand that although the ‘new’ method of online investigation works well, and is much cheaper than putting people on the ground, we realize that from time to time you do need to include field investigations and this is the “boots on the ground” service that our clients do not offer.

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