Brand Protection and Intellectual Property Investigations in NY, NJ, CT, & FL

Protecting your brand is increasingly difficult in a world where proprietary information can be downloaded and distributed with just a few clicks. If your brand has been compromised or your ideas have been stolen, JCI’s investigators will identify the company and/or individuals who have committed a breach to your IP rights. We have experience identifying sources and locations in intellectual property thieves, whether they are distributing your ideas digitally, manufacturing counterfeit products, or other violations. Because John Cutter Investigations is a full-service investigation firm, our Brand Protection and Intellectual Property Investigations services include the ability to perform background and financial investigations on the subjects involved.

With our management team’s overwhelming investigative expertise, a strong enforcement program, and unparalleled law enforcement contacts, JCI can significantly reduce the amount of counterfeit products in your market space and protect the value of your trademarks and brand identity. As experienced investigators, we know how to ask the right questions to get the facts that will enable you to make well-informed decisions about your course of action. Our vast network of strategic partnerships throughout the world make us uniquely qualified to assist in cases spanning multiple locations and jurisdictions. If you’re concerned that someone may be compromising your company’s hard-won trademarks, patents, or copyrights call us today for a free consultation to learn more about our intellectual property investigations.   

Our Intellectual Property & Brand Protection Services in NYC, NY, NJ, CT & FL Include:

  • Counterfeit & Piracy Investigations
  • Counterfeit Product Enforcement
  • Detection of Infringement issues
  • Identification of Threats, persons and locations involved
  • Undercover Operations and penetration into organizations
  • Surveillance of participating Individuals
  • Civil remedies if appropriate
  • Surrender of Counterfeit Materials/Seizure if applicable
  • Copyright & Patent Investigations
  • Unauthorized Use of Copyright
  • Patent Misuse & Infringement

JCI’s investigators understand the importance of these valuable business assets and we provide the specialized investigative expertise and experience necessary to protect your intellectual property.

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