General Investigations in NY, NJ, CT & FL

With over 100 years of combined law enforcement and private investigations experience, John Cutter Investigations’ Executive Management Team can provide invaluable guidance and financially prudent recommendations to manage unforeseen events in business and personal matters. Throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida, JCI conducts Corporate Investigations, Pre-litigation Investigations, Matrimonial and Custody Investigations, Computer Forensic Analysis and more.

General Investigations

Corporate Investigations

John Cutter Investigations (JCI) specializes in providing private investigations services that give businesses a competitive edge. Besides Due Diligence research on both individuals and corporations, JCI also has experienced investigative professionals available for distressed business investigations, workplace violence and harassment cases, and theft or embezzlement cases. Our team has extensive experience working with executive level management and human resource professionals to help minimize the risks associated with the many challenges that companies face today.

Pre-Litigation Investigations

JCI investigators will work directly with attorneys and clients in preparation for future litigation. Our experienced investigators will interview potential witnesses, locate witnesses, and provide the documentation that will give your legal team a substantial advantage when entering a court proceeding. As former law enforcement officers, JCI’s Investigators are experienced in court procedure and providing professional testimony when necessary. 

Matrimonial and Custody Investigations

JCI has worked with many respected attorneys specializing in family law. We understand the personal nature and highly emotional issues involved in family cases, and take great care to be sensitive to your clients’ needs. JCI investigators will assist your legal team in obtaining any necessary evidence through surveillance, interviews, records searches, and computer forensics. Our investigators will extensively document any behaviors that will support attorneys’ and clients’ concerns, and will assist in presenting evidence to the court or mediators to review. 

Computer Forensic Investigations

In today’s digital world, it is not uncommon for subjects to memorialize damaging evidence on-line or via various methods of communication, including texts, emails, and MMS. JCI employs a team of computer forensic specialists, many of whom have worked in Computer Crime Units for various law enforcement agencies. Because our investigators have this real-world experience, JCI has the unique ability to both uncover important evidence and to observe standard protocols for evidence delivery and preserving chain of custody.

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