Our Executive Protection in NY, NJ, CT, the US & Abroad

Today’s executives and high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management. Here at JCI we understand those risks. We also understand how to provide personal protection that will not encumber the lifestyle of our principal.

JCI’s Executive Protection Specialists are all former law enforcement and have been trained in the art of executive protection, by experts who have taught multiple law enforcement agencies utilizing the U.S. Secret Service course on tactics and protection responsibilities. The majority of our Executive Protection specialists have spent years protecting government dignitaries, as well as other high profile individuals both in the corporate and celebrity worlds.


About Our Executive Protection Professionals

JCI provides Quiet Professionals: Our executive protection professionals are trained not only in strategic and tactical situations, but also highly skilled in social dynamics and awareness. They are trained to “blend in” and maintain a low profile while protecting our clients. You get safety, security and the ability to concentrate on your business, instead of worrying about ours. JCI’s EP specialists understand the art of EP work and know how to use their wits, over their weapons. We utilize our training and experience to anticipate threats and then help the principal avoid them. In other words we have won the battle before it ever begins.

JCI’s worldwide resources allow us do all the advance work necessary for trips across the globe, from pre-trip advisories, ground transportation issues and on the ground personnel support in foreign lands. We make sure your travel plans are not interrupted with unnecessary delays or interruptions. We provide executive protection services in NY, NJ, CT, nationwide and abroad.

JCI offers customized, comprehensive plans for each client that includes but is not limited to:


  • Risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Customized EP planning to establish the best possible level of protection for the client at home, at work and while traveling
  • Protective services for the office and residence
  • Travel Advance Planning for domestic and international visits
  • Special Event Security


Here at JCI we provide the same level of protection for our clients that we would give to our families, because at JCI you are family.


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