Our Executive Protection Services in Connecticut

executive protection connecticut ctWhen outside threats have created a potentially dangerous situation, you need the executive protection services that John Cutter Investigations (JCI) in Connecticut. The experienced staff at JCI are more than your average bodyguards. In fact, our methods go far beyond security escort services. At JCI, we create all-inclusive safety and tactical defense plans to insure the protection of all of our clients.

Who Needs Us?

Our executive protection in Connecticut is offered to anyone who needs it, private individuals to corporate CEO’s. Threats can come from any number of directions. Whether protection is needed from fears of workplace violence, a direct threat that has been made on an individual’s life, or general protection is needed due to a client’s popularity, we are in the business of protection and that’s what we do. Our clients include:

  • Foreign dignitaries
  • Upper level corporate executives
  • Political figures
  • Celebrities
  • Anyone at risk of violence or at the center of a dispute
  • And more…

What You Get?

Our team’s background in law enforcement and security is an asset that works for you in multiple ways. With decades of experience in public and private service, we’ve encountered most every environment and have developed strategies and solutions to meet the needs of any client we serve in those environments. We offer:

Safety at Your Side

Trained, experienced armed professionals can escort you and give you a powerful defense in the face of any immediate threats. With a set of trained eyes next to you, you don’t have to worry about observing potential hazards. Our expert team will identify any risks and can execute evasive maneuvers to help keep you safe.

Strategies for Safety

Our trained team members have received training from and worked with the Secret Service, FBI, and various police departments, and played integral roles in protecting citizens in the days following 9/11. We are amply prepared to predict, plan, and protect you regardless of your travel plans. We’ll do complete safety surveys in advance of trips and put a plan into place to successfully navigate any hazards.


We always keep you informed and work with you to plan a security detail that works with your needs. If you aren’t happy for any reason, all you need to do is let us know and we can work with you to adapt our plans to come up with a solution that better works for you.

JCI’s executive protection services in Connecticut are a comprehensive plan for safety. Offering one-on-one assistance onsite and fully planned and executed strategies from advance preparation to deployment, our staff can customize a plan that works with you to ensure safe and effective travels.

Working through our trusted network of Strategic Partnerships we can accommodate your needs anywhere in Connecticut, Nationwide and in most areas throughout the world.

Call us today or fill out our secure form below to find out how our expert staff can put our executive protection protocols in place for you so that you can travel with confidence and without fear.

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Cities and towns in Connecticut where we offer executive protection services include, but are not limited to:

Bridgeport CT
Danbury CT
Hamden CT
East Hartford CT
New Haven CT
New Britain CT
Fairfield CT
Middletown CT
Hartford CT
Greenwich CT
Manchester CT
Enfield CT
Stamford CT
West Hartford CT
Milford CT
Wallingford CT
Waterbury CT
Bristol CT
West Haven CT
Southington CT
Norwalk CT
Meriden CT
Stratford CT
Farmington CT

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