JCI’s Comprehensive Employee Background Checks in New York

employee background checks in new yorkWhen New York companies and organizations consider taking on new personnel, they frequently conduct comprehensive employee background checks. This research can often have a major impact in the hiring process as it assists in filling in blanks about a potential employee’s history that a resume, cover letter and/ references simply cannot reveal.

It is a matter of fact that companies try their hardest to bring in the best candidates possible when expanding their workforce. A comprehensive background check helps to reveal many aspects of an applicant’s history that may conflict with the employer’s best interests. Due to some of the more aggressive practices in today’s corporate world, it is imperative to conduct comprehensive background checks that delve into multiple areas of an applicant’s history.

Employee Criminal Record Background Checks in New York

Criminal background checks are usually considered to be the most important component in a comprehensive background check. Knowledge of any legal infractions that exist in an applicant’s past gives employers the ability to make decisions based on more than just mere speculation. Hiring a new employee in New York without running a criminal background check is similar to letting a stranger into your house for dinner every night of the week. You simply cannot know how this person will affect the inner workings of your business until it is possibly too late. You also cannot know how this person will reflect upon the image of your company into you’ve done your due diligence.

Employment Background Checks in New York

Experience in the position an applicant is vying for is usually a major requirement for any job. The most straightforward way to confirm that a candidate has the skills necessary to excel before they are hired is through previous employment verification. This process will ensure that any new employees will at least have a foundation to build upon for success, and it will also reduce the amount of training necessary to get new employees into “working condition”.

Previous employment verification can also give companies the ability to make certain assumptions and predictions regarding the overall performance that a candidate will achieve based on their past. By having this information available before the hiring process begins, employers can take advantage of the information in a multitude of ways, such as personalized training courses in order to maximize time and efficiency, and knowing who to place a new hire with if shadowing is required based on the rate at which they are able to take in information.

Lastly, conducting a comprehensive background check helps narrow the search for potential employees. Hiring only those who meet the criminal and employment history requirements that best fit the environment of a company means that the possibility of success for the employee and employer alike will be exponentially greater. Making sure that the employees fit the roles which they are hired to fill increases productivity, employee satisfaction and employee retention.

Health Examinations As Part of the Pre-Hire Process

Another major factor that comes into play when taking on new employees is the candidate’s ability to physically perform the tasks that are required by the position which they seek That is why medical history plays such an important role in the hiring process. By including a health examination as part of a comprehensive background check, employers can be sure that candidates will be able to handle the physical, and sometimes mental stress of the roles that they apply for.

People’s lives are not black and white, and you can’t judge a person’s character and worth simply through words written on paper. Yet by conducting a comprehensive background check employers in New York can come that much closer.

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