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cheating spouse private investigators new york connecticut new jerseyWhen it comes to relationships, trust often plays a large role in how successful the relationship is and will remain. Any time your trust becomes compromised, life can take unexpected twists and turns, leaving you in a chaotic tornado that has suddenly become your life. As a partner in your sacred relationship, you have the right to know if your other half is being unfaithful. John Cutter Investigations provides superior investigative services to help you determine just that. Our cheating spouse private investigators licensed in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey have the proper training and experience to help you obtain the information necessary so that you can then choose which direction your future is going.

Caring, Supportive Cheating Spouse Private Investigators

Here at John Cutter Investigations, we take our cases seriously and want to help our clients get the answers they seek. We realize you likely have a budget so we’re able to work with you without breaking the bank. In addition, we realize sometimes it can be uncomfortable when dealing with certain situations but we assure you will never have to step out of your comfort zone when working with us. We focus on our goal of providing absolute customer satisfaction.

Privacy Laws Regarding Cheating Spouse Investigations

It is our duty to investigate, which means understanding and following the privacy laws of your state (i.e. New York, Connecticut or New Jersey).

We use video to document the activities of your partner in public locations without stepping over the law. Our investigators are very familiar with where our clients reside and you will only benefit from this insight.

We will show you video footage but we can also provide an actual formal report at your request that will include all the activities related to the investigation; on and off video.

Your Case’s Confidentiality

John Cutter Investigations understands your privacy and keeps all of our cases confidential and strictly between your private investigator and you. Any surveillance evidence we collect will be admissible in court because we follow the necessary trespassing laws and regulations in the states of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

So What Happens Next?

If you’re looking into hiring a cheating spouse private investigator in New York, Connecticut or New Jersey, you likely have a valid reason to do so. You might be surprised at just how many people end up in this situation; you are definitely not alone. If you are simply acting on a gut instinct that something is off-kilter, then our investigative services can help you put your mind at ease by finding out just what might be going on with your partner or spouse. Should we find evidence to confirm your suspicions, you then have the advantage of directing where your relationship will go from that point.

Warning Signs of A Cheating Spouse

They request more privacy: Has it become common for your spouse to want more privacy while taking phone calls or using their computer at home? Do you feel like you’re being lectured when you ask a question regarding something simple and innocent that is not even private? Does your partner use more than one email address regularly?

Lack of, or change in intimacy: This is typically the biggest red flag when a person is being unfaithful in their relationship. Have they become more distant in the bedroom or started implementing new positions or possibly display a change in their bedside behavior? Are you suddenly being showered with flowers or gifts just because? If so, your partner could be trying to make up for the guilt from whatever they may have done or continue to do without your knowledge.

They have started working more: Sometimes this can mean bad news but not always. If your partner suddenly begins working longer hours or attending social events with their ‘clients’ or maybe they no longer answer their phone when you call them at work; this could be worth investigating.

Suspicious behavior: Has your partner started doing odd chores around the house or finding excuses to leave for short or long stints of time? They could likely be in contact with someone while they’re away from you.

Unexplained expenses: If you have access to their bank or credit card statements (for instance, if you have a shared account) and notice sudden, unexplained charges, it could very well be a red flag.
Phone records – If their phone bill shows calls they made or received at odd hours and for a long duration, this could be a warning sign.

Anonymous calls and texts: If your partner keeps receiving phone calls, text messages or voicemails left by an anonymous sender, then it may be time to find out who this anonymous character really is.
While all of the above may not necessarily indicate any issues are present, they are often the reasons people seek the assistance of a cheating spouse private investigator in New York, Connecticut or New Jersey.

Get A Free Consultation with John Cutter Investigations

We believe in the service we provide and believe that you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to work with us. We have the experience needed to discover the answers you seek and it’s our job to solve your problem and help you find peace. Other out-of-state firms have chosen to work John Cutter Investigations due to our unique ability to conduct investigations not just in one state, but three states closely connected to one another – New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. This ability gives us a serious advantage to deliver results for our clients.

Regardless of which of the three states we’re licensed in you are located, it is only natural that we meet with you in-person at a confirmed location; ours or yours. Even if you decide not to follow through with hiring us for your cheating spouse investigation, you can still take advantage of our free consultation and be aware of the options that we can offer.

If you are out-of-state and require our assistance, we can handle your case remotely. Maybe your partner is visiting New York City or Atlantic City for the weekend and you have reason to worry about their activities while they’re away; we have you covered. We will help you discover if your partner is being honest and truthful so that you can get on with your life knowing what your future may hold.

As we offer free consultations, you have nothing to lose by contacting us. Fill out our Free Consultation form below today!

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Connecticut Cheating Spouse Private Investigators:

Bridgeport CT
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Manchester CT
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New Jersey Cheating Spouse Private Investigators:

Newark NJ
Camden NJ
New Brunswick NJ
Jersey City NJ
Passaic NJ
Hoboken NJ
Paterson NJ
Union City NJ
Hackensack NJ
Elizabeth NJ
East Orange NJ
Atlantic City NJ
Trenton NJ
Bayonne NJ
Linden NJ
Clifton NJ
Vineland NJ
Garfield NJ


New York Cheating Spouse Private Investigators:

New York City
Albany NY
New Rochelle NY
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Rome NY
Buffalo NY
Mount Vernon NY
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Long Beach NY
Rochester NY
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