Cheating Spouse Investigations FAQ’s

What if I’m embarrassed to talk to someone about this?

cheating spouse surveillance faqsWe will often get calls from individuals in a relationship every day who believe that their spouse or partners are cheating. This is something you should not be embarrassed about. You are simply seeking peace of mind for a you have doubts about. It is perfectly natural to find out if your suspicions are imaginary or real. We often invest a lot of ourselves into a relationship. It is normal to want to test the integrity and strength of that relationship.

What if I happen to be wrong?

If we show that there is no evidence that your spouse/partner is cheating, then you will have that peace of mind about your relationship. Since all of our investigations are completely confidential, you will not have risked your relationship if you are, in fact, wrong.

Is cheating spouse surveillance legal?

Surveillance is simply the process of documenting what is going on in the world of a person. We are licensed, bonded and insured private investigators in the states of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, and adhere to each states’ laws governing surveillance procedures.

I have never hired a private investigator before, how do I begin?

You will need to ensure that the services that you retain are honest, and that you are dealing with a reputable detective agency. Ensure that they have a well-established track record. Be sure that they are completely licensed, as well as insured. You can check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the company doesn’t have any complaints. Last, be sure that you are going with your better judgment. Do you feel at ease, or is the investigation agency using pressure tactics and hard-sell techniques?

What are the fees that are charged for domestic surveillance?

Surveillance is normally billed on an hourly basis. Before surveillance is started, we will help to establish a strategy that depends on your needs and circumstances. Once the plan has been established, a budget will be created. Many investigative services are payable in advance of the type of work being conducted. Payment can often be made by cash, money order, or credit card.

How do you establish a surveillance plan?

You will need to inform our private investigator what times you believe that the activity is taking place. Will we then need to follow the person from point A to point B (i.e. from home to work). Does the individual have a fixed schedule? Do you know a lot about the daily routine of the suspected person? All of these questions and much more will go into creating a surveillance strategy plan that is effective.

What details must I inform my private investigator about?

There are some things that we would need in order to begin the investigation. You may not have all of the information that is needed, but the more that you provide is always better. Your assigned private detective will need a photograph of the person who is to be the subject of surveillance. If the person is being followed from their home, it is best to have photographs of everyone in the household. We will need to have a full description of the subject such as height, weight, hair color, etc. If you believe that you know who the subject is cheating with, give us the information that you do have on that individual. We will need to know the make, model, and color of the individual’s vehicle, with the license plate if it is possible. If we will be following them from work, then we will need to know the type of parking and where they normally park their vehicle. We will also need to know about the driving habits they have and addresses of where they may go in an average day.

How many investigators are used during a cheating spouse surveillance case?

The number of investigators that are used will depend on a variety of factors. Normal surveillance on a person that is being pursued from an easy working situation, or from home can be done by a single investigator. The complicated plans like following an individual from an airport, hotel, or large office building may require additional investigators. There are other factors that we recommend having an additional investigator for, such as fast and aggressive drivers, extra cautious drivers that constantly check their rear view mirror, and it does cost extra for adding in another investigator, so that factor is taken into consideration when planning your budget.

How are you able to contact me without letting my spouse know?

We will first ask if you have a secure phone number, meaning that only you or someone that you trust will be able to answer the phone, and if we are able to safely leave a voicemail if no one answers. If the number isn’t secure, we can discuss other strategies. When we contact you, we will ask if it is a good time to talk. If the subject or someone else is present, and you are unable to talk, you can always say that we have the wrong number or use a code word. We will hang up and then you can call us back when it is safe to talk.

What do I do once the surveillance is set in motion?

Once the surveillance plan is in motion, it is very important that you do not do anything that could tip off the subject to the investigation. Don’t change any of your habits, and don’t ask them about their activities too much.

How do you follow an individual?

Tailing techniques are an acquired skill. When we are following someone, we are always weighing two factors against each other. We want to be able to stay close enough to be sure that we don’t lose them in heavy traffic or at a traffic light, while also not staying too close where we may be spotted by the subject. Balancing these factors in a variety of situations can be done only with having experienced cheating spouse investigators working on a case. In some instances, having a second investigator is required or preferable, which would allow our investigators to stay at safer distances while lowering the chance of losing the target.

Will the subject find out that they are under surveillance?

Our investigations are trained to be as inconspicuous as possible. We do everything within our power to ensure the covert nature of the investigation. If we believe that the secrecy of the investigation is being threatened, we will then pull back and discuss with you about reconsidering the tactics that are being used.

What evidence will I receive at the end of the investigation?

Any evidence that is collected during a domestic surveillance operation will consist of video of the activities, and a report of the surveillance which will detail the activity in writing. Both are given to you, and we can maintain them for you if you like.

What differentiates John Cutter Investigations from other investigations agencies?

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the highest quality of work. Unlike entry-level investigators who are assigned to cases by other agencies, our investigators have decades of combined experience and they’re locally based with the knowledge to get the job done correctly. We provide our clients with the highest level of customer service and give every case the individual attention that it takes to fully understand the dynamics. This will allow us to create a detailed plan of action, targeting the best course of action. We know that each situation is different, and we are flexible enough to gain the information that you need in your situation, no matter how difficult it may be.

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